We are acquired by Frontiir!

Termaxia is thrilled to announce our acquisition by Frontiir, a leading Internet company in Myanmar and also one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia. Frontiir provides a platform for Termaxia to reach millions, and we look forward to utilizing our product and technology to create social impact at Frontiir and beyond.

We are establishing an R&D center in Philadelphia and are hiring top engineers. If you are looking for an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with some of the finest engineering talents in a fast-paced and highly rewarding environment, please connect with us for more conversations.

Powering Tomorrow's Exabyte-scale Cloud Storage

The world's first truly scalable storage solution that can handle exabyte-scale storage with unprecedented level of ease, cost, and performance.

To know more, contact us at info@termaxia.com

Industry Leadership

Termaxia is listed among "Top 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups of 2018" by CRN

Termaxia develops exabyte-scale high-performance big data storage systems for both object data with APIs for Amazon S3 and OpenStack and file data with APIs for POSIX, NFS and Hadoop. --- CRN

World-class Impact

Termaxia Announces Expansion into China Enterprise Data Storage Market

China has very strong demand for storage... Termaxia storage software brings out the best out of storage hardware, in terms of cost, performance, reliability, and energy consumption. --- Heng Pu, CEO of Learsun

Customer Success Story

Enabling Scalable Internet and Value-added Services for Asia's leading ISP

When compared to other storage solutions on the market, Termaxia’s solution stands out given its unique hardware and software innovations to provide seamless scale-out and low-power operation. --- Allen Miu, CTO of Frontiir

Customer Success Story

Security firm enhances popular security audit product with Termaxia storage solution

Termaxia storage’s unmatched price/performance ratio allows us not only to store large volumes of data for fast retrieval, but also replicate them aggressively for fault tolerance. --- Chen Gan, CEO of Safetybase

Storage solutions today are ill-equipped to handle future storage needs. As we move into the exabyte storage era, Termaxia offers a cutting-edge solution that provides unlimited scalability at high performance and low power, with unparalleled price/performance ratio. Termaxia achieves this breakthrough through a combination of hardware and software innovations that are entirely based on commodity hardware components. Termaxia is designed to run in either private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, in the core or on the edge of your cloud infrastructure and is designed to be a drop-in replacement or expansion for existing cloud storage deployments.

    Termaxia Storage Solution

       •   Object, file, and block

       •   Zero-effort management

       •   Comprehensive monitoring

       •   Easy install, maintain, and upgrade

       •   Drop-in replacement of state-of-the-art

       -   Less than 1/2 in hardware

       -   Less than 1/5 in power

       -   Extreme I/O

Termaxia is founded by Dr. Changbin Liu and Professor Boon Thau Loo with a vision towards enabling ubiquitous affordable data storage for everyone in the world. The founding team has combined decades of industry and research experience in cloud, data center storage and networking solutions. Collectively, our team has industry experiences at major companies (AT&T, Microsoft, VMware, and a startup acquired by Nutanix), and graduated from top engineering schools (University of California-Berkeley, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and Tsinghua University).

Changbin Liu

Co-founder & Chief Executive   LINKEDIN

Boon Thau Loo

Co-founder & Chief Scientist   LINKEDIN

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As of today, Termaxia’s storage solution is running at major companies spanning across the US, China, and Southeast Asia. Our customers have been using Termaxia’s solution in a wide range of applications, including enterprise backups, Internet video storage, video surveillance, Internet-of-Things (IoT), data archival, deep learning data analytics, and more.


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